Once upon a time a student, moved by an impulse that left him with no other choice but to obey, kept himself for a period of time in a permanent state of prayer. Sometimes during the day, a need spontaneously emerged from within him to place himself in quietness and to offer himself to the energies directing the planetary awakening.

For an unknown reason, in these moments of impersonal prayer there arose inside of him a connection with those who suffer. This student sheltered the pain of these beings as if it were his own, taking into account that when one is touched by the Light, it reveals that everything is passing.

Until this praying process had established itself and also because he did not have full consciousness of what was happening, he was not inwardly permitted to speak about it with anyone. These prayers arose by themselves in each moment that he was able to disengage himself from external activities, perceiving that he should not create any obstacle to them. It seemed to him important to be simply complete in this attitude of surrender and service.

In the midst of the current planetary situation, already very critical, aspirants to a superior life who desire to serve are faced with their own limitations, having to consider their human incapacity to recognize the divine leadership and to deliver themselves totally to it.

In reality, no being has the conditions to reach the Light and service by what is available to humankind. To undertake this search, one should repeatedly confirm their faith and trust only in God. Saint Francis of Assisi, faced with the play of negative forces that emerged in the religious Order that he had formed, repeated a phrase from the prophet Jeremiah that said: “dammed is the one who puts his faith in humans.”

The majority of human beings still have strong ties with physical matter and consequently with evil. However, even one drop of true Life which falls in the arid terrain of terrestrial existence can act profoundly, bringing closer the time for this earth to be transformed into a fertile soil for the creative impulses of the spirit. 

“The Creation (Following the Ways of Energy) pp. 63-64