There are three kinds of actions: those performed in relationship to individual duties prescribed by the scriptures revealed in the past, those that liberate the individual from the cycle of birth and death, and those which involve the improper use of individual freedom and that lead to inferior forms of life.

Among these three categories of actions, intelligent persons prefer the ones that free them from slavery. Common people want to do good works in order to be recognized in order to obtain higher positions in this or in the next world. However, those who are more advanced aspire to liberate themselves completely from reactions, even from those generated by their own work. They know that good as well as bad deeds tie them equally to material suffering, and consequently they search to operate in a way that frees them from these works. It is never too much to reaffirm that there is a plan of inner life, a micro spiritual kingdom integrated with the divine spark of the macro-cosmos that, for its existence, does not depend on any exterior manifestation.

“MIZ TLI TAN - An Awakening World”, pp. 76-77