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We Are Not Alone

"I tell you Pilgrim, this Light has always accompanied you. Even when you were lost in the midst of darkness, it lay there, within you. But you were so deceived by the illusions of form that you could not perceive it. Little by little you will be molded according to your true and sublime inner image. So, why do you still wander around in such forsaken places?"


Winds of Spirit

This planet has reached its limits of tension, and an even greater wave of conflict is approaching. Humanity faces a new cycle. The doors of the Cosmos are opening so that humans may consciously assume their role in contributing to the all-embracing harmony of the universe. The time of miracles has arrived. But we are needed so the miracles can be totally fulfilled. We must prepare ourselves to spread the beneficial energy of peace and transcendence all over the Earth. How can we get to know life and understand its secrets? This book points the way to deep and fundamental discoveries for our times.

 Finding the Temple

Mirna Jad, a supraphysical realm of harmony and peace, is located in an intraterrestrial area of some mountains in South America. The sublime energies of Mirna Jad bring about healing and stimulate deep expansions of consciousness. This inner realm can be perceived and contacted by those who, in silence, are receptive to subtle realities.


There is Peace

Quiet your heart and listen! There is a pathway to be followed. The time has come to be free in order to live peace, that serene harmony that dissolves obstacles. The Wisdom of inner life speaks to yo in many ways. This book gives you an opportunity to get in touch with some of these ways.


Path Without Shadows

In all of our lives there comes a time when we need to find and follow the pathway of light. This light comes from sources that cannot be extinguished. These sources are revealed when a decision is made to live a life of greater purity. this book gives us glimpses of the steps that lead to the pathway of light and transmits the energy needed to go forward.


Doorway to a Kingdom

Most of us are aware of the spiritual path, both philosophically and in its practical applications to self-transformation. Nevertheless, we find it difficult to tread this path effectively. This book points to the need to be receptive to transcendent and transforming energies. Receptivity grows through a pure love for that which is divine. Through this receptivity individuals are uplifted, adapting to the new state of consciousness that is rapidly making itself known all over the Earth.