The analytic mind can imprison the individual in that which he already knows. By manipulating that which is familiar to him, it moves him from one comparison to another and, in an unstoppable deductive activity, looses the seeds of true reality.

Superior knowledge cannot be explained. Like pure water that comes from within the rocks, it originates in deep springs; like the wind that penetrates through a crack in the window, it emerges in the consciousness and overtakes the being. It does not announce its arrival, nor says farewell. An unusual traveler, one never knows when it will return.

You can recognize its approach, and you can leave open the door. However, it will decide the moment of arrival and, without any notice, it will leave again until one day it will take you with it and in the cosmic heights you will live in its dwelling.

After the first encounter, you will not forget it. Even if you take another detour, distracting yourself temporarily with outside movements, it will return to knock at your door and, in every encounter, even if fleeting, will build a bridge that one day you will use to reach the level that will definitely carry you to the Sacred Voyage to the Inner World. 

“Mirna Jad – Inner Sanctuary”  pp. 140-141