The one who walks, loves silence. The one who walks, loves solitude. The one who walks, follows the course of the law. The one who walks, communes with the hearts of his fellows. The one who walks, forgets about himself. The one who walks, looses himself to the world. The one who walks, anchors himself exclusively in faith. The one who walks, integrates himself in the Great Chain. The one who walks, becomes himself the redeemer for his brothers. Cure is your path. Assume this gift and sow it with gratitude.

Many beings are destined to work as instruments for healing at this time of transition. However, due to the choices they have made, they keep themselves in the initial stages and so they will not be able to act in accordance with what was expected. There are those who persist among them, some are already active, like terminals of the sublime chain anchored in the concrete strata of the material sphere. Intense is the work of Our Fraternity. There is no temporal or spatial limit for Our work. The convocation is permanent, and for this the student should not lament himself for past faults, but advance with tenacity. The portals of Aurora open themselves two by two for those who bring into their centers the seal of tth. The shine of the celestial spheres attracts the most beautiful currents. The cosmic magnet responds to the call. Do not doubt that everything is for the Best.

The truth is a hidden flame in the interior of beings. The Teaching shelters within itself this fire, therefore each one recognizes in it their proper path. Cure corresponds to the strengthening of this flame and to the irradiation of its light in the several levels of the being. Therefore the healer does not impress himself with the form, but opens the chains.

The ascension is the path of the chosen ones. In a fiery spiral, the latent silence awakens and penetrates each level of the being, burning obstacles, tearing veils. It is beautiful to see the rising of the fire, it is beautiful to see the answer of the light. Consciousness receives in itself the infinite. The infinite is the pulsation of the unity. In this way, consciousness integrates itself with its Hierarchy.

It is beautiful to see the ascending movement of the fires. By acting as a healer, the being transforms itself into an ardent pyre, returning to the infinite.

In service lies the key to Instruction and it is also the portal for larger universes. Many remain, waiting to be prepared to be able to serve and do not realize that it is service that would pre pare them for the new steps. We are referring to ardent service, to the abnegated surrender of the being to evolution. It is like the archer who throws an arrow into the distance. In the fiery tension the server throws himself into the infinite. There are no limits for those who, decisively, embrace the call.

“The Formation of Healers”, pp. 38, 92, 93 and 94