The law of detachment brings flexibility to formal life and increases one’s receptivity to soul energy. Through successive detachments from whatever has already been accomplished, beings become able to express the reality to which they correspond. This is one of the laws of ascesis because, to advance on the path, an individual cannot take anything with them. However, few can live free and detached. Most are afraid of being without the material bonds to which they are accustomed. Newness frightens them and because of this they distance themselves even when it is near and within reach of everybody.

As one follows the spiritual path, the task of detachment acquires deeper connotations and it becomes necessary to dissolve the human links of the traveler. Renunciation is performed by good and altruistic people, but detachment is a more profound attitude. Whoever renounces continues to be involved with the object of renunciation, whereas when one is detached what happens is reminiscent of Jesus’ apostles when they were called and they left their boats behind. As a great saint from the past said, “they cut the tie that fastened the boat and didn’t distract themselves trying to untie it.” Therefore, the law of detachment prevents a setback in the being’s evolution.

“The Path of the Fire”  p. 135