For us to better understand the correct use of money, let us take as a symbolic example the human blood. The blood flows through all parts of the body, without exception. It goes down, and is used for the body’s metabolism, goes up to the brain, then returns to the heart, and circulates in an adequate rhythm, more or less accelerated, according to the situation. And in this way it gives life to the cells of all parts of the body. While it performs this circuit, it renews itself as it goes, without becoming more or less, it transforms itself continuously. The process of circulation of monetary energy in society can be compared to the human blood. If the blood stops itself somewhere, if it does not reach the cells, what would happen?  Just as no other part of the body can live without it, so no individual on the surface of the planet should be without the material energy that it needs.

When the monetary energy does not flow correctly it is as if all blood of the planet were poisoned. A greater intelligence prepares itself to withdraw from it. Since money was created by humans, it has congested itself in certain points of the planet, keeping itself in the hands of some individuals who do not permit its circulation, except under certain conditions, in this way letting it become gangrenous. In this senile and decadent civilization, one works and performs according to what is indicated on a bill, check, bank note or similar piece of paper, forgetting that this purpose is given by one’s own species and does not fulfill any real necessity he might have. Can money buy peace? Can it buy health? Can it buy development of consciousness? Can it buy real happiness that goes beyond a superficial smile?

“The New Beginning of the World”, pp. 35-36