The growing chaos on the external level of the planet should not be a reason for sadness or discouragement. On the contrary, it indicates the approach of the final moments of a long and obscure night, in which the planetary life was immersed. During the several evolutionary phases, the individual on the surface of Earth was kept in ignorance by those who represented the involutionary forces with apparently great power. These forces provoked events such as the setting on fire of the Library of Alexandria; the burning of almost all the documents of the Mayan civilization in the 16th century by a Spanish bishop of the province of Yucatan; the expurgation from the Bible of the teachings of Enoch; the invalidation of historic documents of Appolonius of Tyana, brought about by the efforts of the Church, and so forth until today when more subtle methods are used to perpetrate similar crimes. However, it is exactly after the most dense darkness that the rays of light will start to appear, announcing a new cycle. We must be present to this premise, because it is one of those which will direct the entry of the being into the so-called Mysteries.

It will not be long before unusual facts occur in increasing frequency throughout the surface of the Earth, revealing the existence of parallel worlds and their inhabitants. For millennia these beings have been silently helping humanity to avoid its self-destruction. However, they are habitually ridiculed in fictional stories spread by means of films and books that instill misrepresentations into the human mentality. This continues to occur because critique and irony are the defense of individuals who are unprepared to face what transcends them.

“Oceans Can Hear” pp. 129- 130