To Fulfill the Supreme Will

One day, a man dressed as a peasant started walking around his land. He was deeply loved by everyone and had devoted his whole life to managing the area, always trying to do the best for the well-being of all. For five moons he traveled secretly through villages and towns until he was recognized by three of his subjects. The first one asked him: 

– Master, I bow before you and ask you, what can I do to better serve your noble purposes and to deserve your reward?

The second one asked him: 

– Master, you who are so powerful, what else can you do to help us?

And the third said: 

- I fulfill your orders, Master, just as I obey the Life that speaks to me in different forms at each moment. At sunrise and in the darkness of the night, in the heat of summer and in the coldness of winter, in the heat of work in the field and in the refreshing waters of the waterfall, a silent and hidden Voice is always speaking. In reality and in humility I tell you: I serve the One Lord, the one who created the universe and the stars, the sun, the moon and the planets, who created the water, earth and all other elements; to Him I dedicate total obedience.

Hearing these words, the Master of the land recognized this servant as his heir, thus showing that the purpose of his trip was fulfilled. Then he said to the young man: 

– Follow me, because I also dedicate my life and my existence to the One Lord. We are brothers and companions on the same journey. Follow me, because from now on you will have this land to rule. Are you ready to follow me?

The young man answered: 

– I do not search for earthly power, master. Neither for possessions or material goods. I only try to fulfill the Will of that One who outlines the destiny of the cosmos. 

The master concluded:

Then you are ready. Follow me.

“Travel Through Subtle Worlds”  63-64