The degradation of today’s civilization, which is also reflected in diseases like AIDS, is deplorable. When human beings repeatedly devote themselves to their own satisfaction, the capacity to surpass the conditions that are exterminating their life is lost.  Then, one is left with the harm without the means to overcome it.

On the concrete level, few, very few, are free from the effects of the material degradation of this humanity.  Besides, most are not turned to that which, within themselves is immortal and unharmed by the game of the degenerative forces. Nonetheless, this whole play is being led to its conclusion by a superior power.

For those with little experience, it could be alarming to notice humanity’s suffering as, for example, the pain which comes from sexual promiscuity, which today is considered natural. Due to this lack of control, certain diseases proliferate, causing irreparable damage. Some, although not considered severe, affect genetic features and perpetuate themselves for generations. Moreover, under normal conditions, it would require from three to seven consecutive incarnations with patterns of a high degree of purity for them to be removed from an individual, something not easy to bring about in the present civilization.

The elimination of these degenerative forces impregnated in the aura of an individual, is possible by means of supra-physical implantation of a new genetic code,* but -- depending on the extent to which they have been infiltrated  --  the destruction of ancient permanent atoms of the material bodies and the formation of new ones may be necessary. 

*New genetic code. A new genetic code is being implanted in the inner levels of those beings who respond to spiritual stimuli. This code, the GNA, is constituted by genes originating from incorporeal planets, free from aggressiveness and violence.  

“New Oracles” pp. 63-64