An individual who really becomes conscious of the situation that the planet is faced with is led to review his life, values, goals and purposes. Then he starts to search for patterns of superior conduct, in order to obtain an existence in more harmony with everything.

Although many times he may want to fight against the chaos and the forces that generate it, he will notice that conflict and fricative fire tend to increase disharmony. Therefore, he will see the need to act, based on superior laws and vibrations. From that point on he will discover the power of the solar and cosmic fire present in himself and in the whole universe. He will recognize the supra-human laws of evolution and will collaborate with the translation of his own energy from the human to the spiritual plane.

For this process to happen requires a certain amount of time and also perseverance, and a group consciousness that is characteristic of the soul, which begins by approaching itself to the individual so that he is attracted to join with others with whom he can fulfill the stages of evolution and service. The energy generated in a group thus formed is greater than the sum of that which derives from each of its participants. Therefore, an authentic group is more than just a gathering of individuals. In order to exist effectively it is necessary to have a common impersonal goal and to have been trusted with an evolutionary task. In this way the interaction of its members thus intensifies the positive aspects of all of the whole and is a channel for impulses to flow that are of great relevance in the transformation of the planetary life. 

Oceans Can Hear”, pp. 159 and 160