The individual cannot receive gifts from heaven while his hands are occupied in retaining material things.

Empty yourself, empty yourself in order to find the true riches. Eternity is known by those who don’t plan, who do not nourish memories nor who concern themselves about tomorrow.

For many, it is difficult to recognize the need to disconnect themselves from these ties, the affections and the things that absorb. However, how can the Unlimited be contained in a being that does not surrender itself to the infinite?

The cosmic energy is a pure, renovating energy, the origin of emanations that vitalize Creation. Its flow through a being depends on how much he can allow this energy to penetrate him without deviating it according to his own tendencies. Even if one aspires to not interfere in the flow, it is inevitable to do this when there are ties to human levels. Therefore, the energetic potency accessible to a normal human being, linked to matter, is considerably less than what is available to a detached person, evolved spiritually.

The contact with the divine energy cannot be transmitted nor taught. Each contact is unique, because perfection never repeats itself. We could talk about this energy, we could throw light on the path to reach it, but each individual has to tread for themselves these trails, learning to not be upset by the sharp rocks spread along them and to commune with the indescribable beauty of its valleys.

“The Visitor- The Way to Anu Tea” pp. 67-68.