Once upon a time, walking alongside a pilgrim during a long journey was a serious austere man with a harsh and grave face. As the pilgrim himself became lighter with each step, leaving behind that which he had been, this man walked sluggishly, turning around his thoughts, and it seemed that what he brought with him was getting heavier. In silence, the pilgrim opened himself to his surrender and to the joy that came from it, so that he might bring help to open the person who, on account of his fixed mental concepts, did not allow the purity of his own spiritual state to emerge. And, little by little, lightness started to introduce itself into the expression of that man.

When a being manifests the joy of communion with subtle energies, his capacity to help those who still do not recognize the need to turn themselves to the light is greater when he does not keep for himself what the inner life grants him. It is the ardor of the fire that raises the glow of the flame. The healthy, serene joy, full of peace that emerges from the touch of the spirit should not be hidden. Humanity will receive a greater good through the example of union with inner nuclei than by the rigidity imposed by ideas about how the behavior of an evolved man should be. Soberness is necessary and without it clarity will not reach the mind, but it is not incompatible with joy. Both, if real, harmonize themselves in the revelation of a life devoted to the Supreme.

“The Healing of Humanity” pp. 57-58