Whenever a group of beings is gathered around ideals, evolutionary or not, is created a concentration of forces that, little by little, assumes the characteristics of an entity in the subtle levels. Depending on the quality of the vibration of these ideals, this entity stimulates positive or negative actions in the beings with which it is linked.

The imperialist ideals allied with the distorted use of the energy of power,  that lead to vindictive and conquering patriotic feelings that have been cultivated for decades , were produced in the beginning of this century, and generated entities that held influence over the masses in such a way that it was possible to revive subconscious remains and to fuel war. The discord among great powers created an open field for the action of the forces engendered by them.

In reality, the cruelty and violence manifested in the world wars already existed among humans. The negative entities that they represented already lived in the psychic sub-worlds of the planet. A breaking out of conflict can be seen as the recognition of an infection caused by an evil agent: even if there is a great suffering, it has to be eliminated. The relationship among the nations realized itself across time always with objectives of exploitation. The absence of an opening to positive relationships, of mutual and sincere help, brought about conflicts throughout the centuries that are many times unconscious, and that can be triggered when hidden areas of the human consciousness receive certain stimuli.

“A New Astrological Impulse” pp. 119