At the same time as the contact with one’s own Monad and with the Hierarchies deepens itself to greater consciousness, the necessity becomes pressing for the individual to surpass certain limits -- imposed by the normal rhythm of functioning of the terrestrial bodies -- and to finally live in a three dimensional world as the Son of the Cosmos, the bearer of the Flame and of the Light of the stars.

The capacity of being completely impassive before anything that is in this phase is not something that is only desirable, but is a requirement. Without the quality of impassiveness incorporated and lived in the trials of the material world, the being cannot cross the boundary of human consciousness and, in a definitive way, enter into the sublime portals of Cosmic Knowledge. 

Only when the energies of our bodies are totally elevated, sublimated and liberated can one can reach this state, one where nothing can disturb us. But the process that we use to reach it must be spontaneous, without thought and conducted internally by the Hierarchies in charge of collaborating with our Monad, be it in the creation of a new civilization or in transmigrating ourselves to other points or planes of the Cosmos.

“Mirna Jad – Inner Sanctuary” p. 139