It was getting late when a group of seven young aspirants arrived at the ancient monastery, coming from the land of Eicon.

They were received by an old monk who welcomed them in the inner patio. The first youth asked:

- O master, when can we have God in our heart?

The monk said to him:

- When you don’t have luggage to carry.

The second youth asked:

- Lord, which is the destiny of humans?

The monk answered:

- When the fire burns, the light is one with the clarity of the times, the smoke spreads itself in the air and the ashes stay on the face of the earth.

Without totally understanding this reply, the third youth asked a question hoping for more clarity about what had been said.

- And when can we, Lord, no more belong to this Earth?

The monk answered:

- When you no longer need the food it offers. While it gives you nutrition, your life will be controlled, as in the business world: you will receive according to the credit you have. New times will come, however, and for this you will need to have the right garments to enter them.

The fourth youth asked:

- Lord, what garments are these?

And the monk then clarified:

- You carry within yourself the note that you correspond to, but in order for it to be heard it will have to be transformed into sound. Humanity as a whole also has its note. The note of humanity, in different periods determines a Race, and its garments are the pattern of behavior and consciousness that it expresses.

As humanity lives a phase of intense transformation, the note it brings elevates itself up the scale and the sound that you will start emitting will be more subtle. Groups of supreme consciousness, of angels and of elemental beings weave this new garment that you will receive.

In each phase the note unveils itself through a scale, but the quality that is in the center of this scale and that created it can only be contacted when you are integrated into the emptiness that is totally unknown to you.

The sun set itself in the horizon, leaving seven brilliant trails that cut the twilight of colors in the sky. The vibration of the monastery was conducive to reflection, but the fifth youth took himself to the old monk, saying:

- I couldn’t understand, lord, what are these notes.

The monk said:

- Just as the sun which you no longer see, shows to you seven of its rays so also in the universe are seven paths to reach the Source. Each one of them determines anote, a Hierarchy and an aspect of the Supreme manifested in creation; 

The sixth youth asked:

- How can we come to know the essence of these paths?

The aged one answered:

- In the same way that you cannot know God in His plenitude, but only in the aspects in which He manifests Himself, so you cannot contain the complete essence of these notes, of these paths. Through many means you can bring yourself close to them, and you will discover yours when the love for silence surpasses the desire to know.

Having been silent the whole time, the seventh youth approached himself to the quietness that contains all answers and, so, he had nothing to inquire.

“Travel to Subtle Worlds” pp. 125-127