When human beings enter the world of matter, they bring the key of their cosmic origin concealed within themselves. The history of humanity has been, and continues to be, painful because this inner key has remained forgotten even though it has always been accessible. 

Unrestricted and unconditional faith in the existence of a supreme intelligence above all things, is one of the means to discover this key, for it opens the way to awareness of immortality. This kind of faith holds subtle energies that lead a person to live a life in accordance with laws that are above the material ones. 

Karma is gradually transformed when one changes one's attitudes. However, the real transformation of karma is based on this faith and on the support of the Hierarchies who inspire humans to fulfill cosmic designs in outer life. As this transformation takes place, one is increasingly liberated from compulsory physical, emotional and mental ties and can enter incarnation with clearly defined purposes, such as to serve the Plan of Evolution. 

As we grow in consciousness our understanding of the law of karma changes. We cease considering the law of karma merely as an instrument to compensate for past errors and begin to recognize it as an infallible and extremely useful means to fulfill the higher goal of life.

“Beyond Karma” - Trigueirinho. Irdin Editora, pp 59-60. (English edition)