Everything that was created throughout time and that around which humanity gravitates will be dissolved. Crowds ran after chimeras and fought for them as if they had consistency, chimeras that, by a strong wind, will be reduced to nothing. Just as an ephemeral peace is felt when desires are fulfilled, so the forces of illusion have made most men believe that in order to find the ultimate peace all desires would have to be satisfied. The pure beauty and order of divine expressions became understood as luxury and comfort. Great mistakes...Where the superfluous installs itself and truth and illusion become mixed up.

Aware of these principles, each human being should prepare themselves for a great cosmic voyage. Vibrations that are attuned with the destiny that awaits us in our minds should prevail. Any desire that is welcomed, steals the energy that should be dedicated to this preparation, deviating it to dreaming, means to realize it. It is necessary to know that there is a liberating power that cauterizes wounds from thousands of mistakes: it is an attribute of divine energy present in the heart of the being’s essence.

“New Oracles”pp. 68