Great is the necessity for people to become conscious of the inner life. The awakening to that which each individual keeps within, is pressing, because it is not the strength of words that can transform the world, but the force of the being. The power of transformation is more what the being is, in essence, that which the being does externally.

The situation of the terrestrial being, in general, is so lacking in Light that if Light is given to him he will refuse it. However, the aspiration towards spiritual levels must be greater than the desire for the world so we can receive the Food that provides us with the conditions to live in Eternity. This Food, that does not arrive unless we search for it, is only given to us in the amount we need.

Sooner or later, we will all be placed before the doorway of surrender. One day we will arrive at a state which does not have books to instruct us, hands to sustain us, words to answer our demands – nothing that will satisfy us. Then, it will be time to find the “only reason,” and to place our life in it. 

When seeing people moving unconsciously like blind ones, what do you think of doing? Realize in yourself, whatever you need to achieve perfection in fulfilling the law, so that this perfection can come closer to your brothers.

You can do nothing for them, but must only fulfill what is yours to do. There is no other path to walk than that which is yours.  And know that if you assume it in its entirety you will lighten every else’s path. When you deviate from your goal to see what you would do in your brother’s place, you put the clarity of your own path in danger.

The destiny of each individual is for them and for the Absolute to plan. How could you interfere in this communion? Even if this Great Consciousness expresses Itself to someone else through you, it is not you who are doing it. So, remove from your eyes the blindfold of human compassion and wash them in the pure source of Divine Wisdom. You have lost infinite opportunities to grow in spiritual compassion under the pretext of being tied to inferior planes due to someone or to some situation. Only by being what you are in Spirit, can you be there for your brothers and sisters. 

“Time for Healing (The Occult Life)” pp. 70-71.