Great changes begin to take place when we surrender to a higher level of existence.  As our state of consciousness expands, we enter a more general karma and begin to be governed by a destiny that is the interplay of various higher destinies.  It is no longer our individual karma that now prevails in what happens to us, but rather the interplay of the karma of groups, nations and even of the planet. Our lives become integrated with more powerful forces and we go beyond the sphere of personal limitations.

I know of persons who were in great material need and this need was met when they began to dedicate themselves unselfishly to the spiritual path and to serve through altruistic groups.  I know of others who were liberated from personal karmic ties to serve in the wider spheres, such as a country or the planet.  Persons who had once been bound by basic duties and confined by family circles suddenly found themselves undergoing transformation and becoming released so that they could dedicate time and energy to universal causes.  This does not mean denying the value of duties to be fulfilled, even on the most restrictive and personal levels.  Karmic debts can be adjusted and new conditions can arise, setting even indispensible persons free to take on greater tasks.

“Beyond Karma” -  Trigueirinho. Irdin Editorao, p33 (English edition)