Faith is a vibrating element inherent in your cells, and must be awakened and energized in your three dimensional world. It belongs to a level of greater refinement than the one that you are in now, and it is this that allows the cellular transmutation to occur.

Faith is a subtle luminous element, a projection of supra-physical energies which brings about the link between the material vibration and the immaterial. This is important for the transmutation of the inferior centers and of the cerebral components, that are having their energies raised in the rescuable individuals. The brain cells must awaken in themselves Faith, as it is only in this way that they can capture and transmit to others - through the physical and subtle nervous net, the spirit and the power of transcendence.

In moments of tests and in moments in which your bodies are attacked by retrograde forces, this luminescent element is the sustaining base for the cells to not be dominated by them, and to maintain themselves united to the superior level and to rise through aspiration.

The redemption of the bodies is not possible if Faith is not present, at least in a certain proportion.

Faith is the bridge that links the banks of the Great River. It is the key that takes you to the kingdom that awaits you. Calm yourself. Open yourself to Faith, pure and simple, and let yourself be permeated by it.

You must not wait for your brothers to wake up to the realities that are being shown to you. You must consider that this humanity has gone through a fall and that it is only part of it that is now regenerating itself and which can be rescued. Furthermore, the cerebral cells of many who can be rescued are dull with the material density of their thoughts and desires, and react mechanically to accept the impulses received from the environment. 

Do not forget that lies, falsehoods and intentional mistakes are instilled in humans by the degenerative forces. Those of you who are in accord with these actions are entering the path of disintegration.

“The Time of Rescue” pp. 102 and 103