Turu, the sailor, having received five coins of gold for his work, disembarked to an unknown land. He had decided to get to know the deserts and the mountains and, according to the guidance he had received, this was the place where his journey should start.

Upon landing, he bought a horse for one coin, and with the horse, started the journey. He travelled through villages and cities until he reached the border of a desert. Then he exchanged the horse he had just bought and another coin for a camel and went off on his trip through the desert.

He accompanied caravans of pilgrims, got to know the heat of the sand and the cold of the night, quenching his thirst in the fountains of the oasis, and he discovered solitude. With his mind made up he crossed the desert and arrived at a village near a great forest. There he exchanged his camel and two more gold coins for an elephant and continued journeying.

A long time had passed since Turu landed on the continent and, on his journey, many lessons about life were learned.

On the back of the elephant, he arrived at a cabin of a well-known guide who agreed to help him to climb a Great Mountain, also giving him provisions. However, the guide said that he could take him only to a certain point of his path, after which Turu would have to proceed alone.

This mountain was famous. The legends spoken of say that nobody has ever come back after reaching its peak. Turu accepted the guide’s help and together they started the journey until they reached a large plateau of rock. At this place Turu said farewell to him, confirming his decision to go ahead and, with a sign of gratitude, left him his last coin of gold and the elephant.

Days and nights of sun and rain, of heat and cold passed by. Advancing with the skills of a horse, with the persistence of a camel, and with the wisdom and strength of an elephant.  Finally Turu arrived at the top of the mountain.

Arriving there he found nothing, besides stone, wind and shallow vegetation. However, without giving up, he laid himself on a rock that stood in the direction of the north and slept. He slept asking himself how would be the continuation of the trip because, since the beginning, he had been offering himself to the Light that shone within him. He dreamt that a great flash of light descended from the sky and overwhelmed him, taking him beyond those lands and revealing to him the mysteries of creation. As he absorbed this knowledge, this flash of light irradiated his body, transforming him.

Upon waking up, Turu saw in front of him a thin Being who handed him a parchment, saying to him:

- Here is the route of your journey. Go back to the world and teach your brothers on the Path of the Encounter.

And this Being, as He appeared, disappeared.

Turu returned to the familiarity of other people to fulfill his task.

“Travel to Subtle Worlds”, pp. 31-32